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The frustrated ramblings of an old young man.. - Chronicles of Providence [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The frustrated ramblings of an old young man.. [Nov. 18th, 2007|12:03 am]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |Lil Wayne - Hard Body(Chopped & Screwed(]

I had a rant on "The War on Terror" all prepared, but then another topic came to mind due to recent events that I think I'll go with first.

I hate niggas; yea I said it! Why do I hate niggas, here's a short list of some of the reasons:

1. They ain't bout shit
2. They complicate my dealings with women
3. They drain my resources (time, money, blank cd's, gas, etc)

Let me break down the recent dealing with a nigga that inspired this need to let me spew my hatred digitally all over cyberspace

My man Mike calls me wed night. He has a favor to ask, he needs to borrow my car to make a move. Well being the excessively nice fellow that I am, I agree to loan him the use of my automobile. However due to some complications, it turns out that I have to drive myself if the move is to be made. So we ride around the corner to the house of the one whom shall be hence forth referred to as dat lame nigga for the remainder of this rant. After bullshitting for 10-15 mins, dat lame nigga gets in the car, along with some anonymous t me female. Turns out she needs a ride home.

So we ride to Clinton, drop her off, then head to ward the City. Riding down Branch Ave, I ask Mike where is our destination. Dat lame nigga says we're going to Michigan Ave and North Capitol. I ask if he knows how to get there (I don't know how the best way to get downtown going into the city from Branch Ave). Of course dat lame nigga doesn't know how to get there @ all, which amazes me since I dont know how to get anywhere in the city, but its not that hard to get to north cap and just ride it out till u hit Mich Ave, but ok. So we ride suitland parkway to the city and north cap. We get to Mich Ave and he can't get in touch with the broad. Now let me go back a sec; apparently dat lame nigga pulled this female off the chat line and she has agreed to come out. However dat lame nigga has no transportation. Why you would try to get the pussy with no way to get the pussy I don't know, but he did. So we're on Michigan, sittin at the catholic university of america while we wait for this broad to call dat lame nigga back so we can find out where exactly this broad lives. Finally she calls and we find out she lives damn near right off north cap, so we ride down to a location she gives dat lame nigga to meet her at and commence once again to wait. Shawty arrives and we head back to the town.

We stop at sunnybrook and dam lame nigga buys some alcohol. Then we stop at exxon and that lame nigga buys some blunts and other stuff. He then asks how much I said I wanted for gas (I had told him $10 previously). Dat lame nigga then proceeds to give me $7.50, saying that's all he has left after making his purchases. I take it throw it in the tank and keep it movin (it's after 12 at this point and I just want to get in my bed). Once we're @ my house I tell Mike not to fall asleep like last time and head in the house. Now here's the timeline i imagine in my head, they bullshit for an hour, mike takes an hour with this broad, dat lame nigga takes an hour with that broad, and it takes an hour to drop her back off and return with me automobile. So I'm expecting a call from mike around 4 somethin.

A call comes round 3:30, it's mike returning with my car. Says dat lame nigga was bullshittin (read not gettin the drawers) so he left him and her at dat lame nigga's house. I take Mike home and figuire my role in this story is over.

Another call comes around 3:30 the next afternoon. It's dat lame nigga askin if I'm around the way. I tell him I'm at work and he says he'll call me when I get off. A bout 8 I get a call; it's dat lame nigga. Apparently he has not been able to find a way to get that poor girl home yet, and asks can I take her. Feeling bad for her, I feel partially responsible for getting her out here, I agree. On the way he asks me to stop so he can buy a bottle of beer. We drop off the young lady and back to the town we go. I ask him for $10 for gas and he says he doesn't have it. Dat lame nigga drunk some of my damn gas money right in front of me. He says he has some money coming to him and will give it to me the next day. Of course he never called to give me that but I expected as much.

On another note, during the writing of this, dat lame nigga called me to tell me he has part of my gas money. I figuire he just wants to ask a favor and the money is supposed to be bait (who only has part of ten dollars!?) but I figuired I better get money out of him while I can. I was right, he wanted a ride to the gane room. And begrudingly i took his lame ass cause it's just down the street.

This story and more is the reason why in the greater part of '07 this quote from a Lil Wayne verse has described fairly accurately how I've felt:

"I just bought a pint and ain't none of ya'll sippin'
Make my friends buy their own, fuck I'm tired bein' friendly"

with that said I'm tired if sitting here at this comp so my other planned rants will have to wait.

Till tommorrow I suppose..